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California’s Trusted Probate Lawyer

The Law Office of Mifflin & Associates provides our clients with experienced probate services. If you need a probate lawyer this is the place to turn for legal assistance. Our client interviews are comprehensive, and we understand how important the intake process can be for establishing the strategy for your concerns. We represent our client’s interest with practical legal strategies that are designed to win. During the attorney-client interview, we’ll discuss your options. Representation strategies may differ depending on your specific legal interests.

If the client needs representation to probate an estate, we can provide the legal help. If the client is contesting a will or probate, we can represent your interests and provide important legal advice. During the client interview process, our experienced attorney will review your situation and recommend a comprehensive legal strategy.

Estate Planning Law Firm

Anyone facing a situation involving a living will, contested living will, or living trust document can benefit from the services of our experienced estate planning law firm. The Law Office of Mifflin & Associates advises clients during the creation of a will and living trust. The living trust is a legal document that avoids probate. We provide you with the legal advice to assist you with the preparation of your will or living trust.

Estate planning services protect you and your family’s future. Contact us for a complementary consultation.

(323) 291-1221 (Se Habla Español)
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